Stress-Free Real Estate Locksmith Service

We’re specialists in providing real estates and body corporates with all of the services that they require when it comes to a change of tenancy. Contact us to discuss your needs, and how we can help you with changing locks and re-keying premises, programming garage remotes, installing insurance-compliant deadbolts, and duplicating keys.

Commercial Locksmith for Bank and Financial Repossessions

We have considerable experience in supporting financial and legal entities when repossessing properties. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will move quickly to support you in changing locks and re-keying your properties.

Restricted Keys Systems for Commercial Properties

Restricted keys cannot be freely duplicated – they require a request from an authorised signatory for copies of the keys to be made and issued. It also allows you to easily maintain a register of key holders.

Thuringowa Locksmiths are your local restricted key specialists. We can provide the right advice and superior quality keys so that you can rest assured you have total control over all of the keys that fit your locks.


Commercial Master Key Systems Townsville

Master Key Systems are ideal solutions for schools, offices and other multi-room buildings. Master Key Systems give you the flexibility to designate keys that can access all locks, while restricting others to only access specific locks.

As highly experienced and diligent locksmiths, Thuringowa Locksmiths will undertake your requirements with precision and care. Thuringowa Locksmiths provide standard and restricted (cannot be freely duplicated) Master Key Systems.

Call us today to help design your Master Key System.

Mobile and On-Site Commercial Locksmiths

At Thuringowa Locksmiths, our number one priority is you. We will work with you to take the stress out of your requirements, by offering priority service, on-site key cutting and a fully mobile service (we can pick up keys and paperwork from your office).

If there is anything that we can do to assist you further, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We are highly experienced in commercial locksmith services, and look forward to working with you.

Phone Thuringowa Locksmiths on 0417 762 883 today